Tirrel [Bathos] Wolfe

Wolfus Wolfus

Reference Text

Wuffle Reference Text

Full name: Tirrel "Bathos" Wolfe

Nicknames: Wuffle Butts (shortened to Wuffle), Wülfy, Doctor Wolf, Father Wuffle, etc.

Species: [anthro] grey wolf

Sex and Gender: Male

Height: 5'10"    Weight: 75kg

Eye Colour: Bright Cyan*(clouded)

Build: average to stocky, gentle muscle tone and contour

Sexuality: non-discriminatory

Colour Scheme*:

•Grey base coat

•White on belly/chest area

•Bright cyan eyes (cloudy) [#ff00f6]

•Black "socks" on legs, up to around around a half of the way between joint of footpaw and "ankle"

•Pink stripe over ear and down cheek[#00f0ff]

•(soft) black vertical stripes over eyes (starting at forehead and ending at cheeks)

•(leathery) black paw-pads

Notable Physical Features:

• Digitigrade legs (sometimes plantigrade depending on scenario)

• More dense region of fur at chest that seems to form a slightly protruding tuft (used as a pocket)

• Canine Genitalia (sheath and knotted penis)

Character & Personality:

• Generally light-hearted and jovial, frequently makes light of situations for comic effect.

• Loving and compassionate to all (assuming they have not previously wronged him)

• Optimistic and always happy to make new friends



• Musician (blues guitar, beginning harmonica)

• Athletic (numerous comptitive sporting actvities)

• Level 36 tech wizardry**

• Level 7 carpentry**

*[hexadecimals yet to be defined]

**[these aren't things]